Our Aim

Create an Experience

We are three Games Design and Art students at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Arts, working on our final project. Our design aims to allow the player to feel the thrill of discovering the City of Serlon and learning about its background by navigating its rooftops. We want the player to feel nimble, quick and tactical about manoeuvring the city in unconventional ways. We want the player to feel smart and strategic about sabotaging and outracing the enemy.

The Team




Art lead: 3d & 2d
Coding, Level design & testing
Level design & Marketing

Janice’s design research and vision in semester one inspired the development of this game at its earliest stage. Janice is responsible for the aesthetics of the game. That includes environment decoration, VFX, 3D modelling and character development.

Safwan’s C# skills in Unity and enthusiasm brought the team together. His skill set allowed for the existing vision to be adapted, and rendered feasible. Safwan is responsible for all the coding and will naturally play a role in testing. This includes level design and any adaptations that contribute to the essential experience.

Wolf is mainly responsible for marketing and level design. He 3D modelled the city and will help test and balance it. Wolf is also in charge of the social media pages, marketing the game and gaining support. He is also making sure the project makes the deadline whilst also staying true stays true to its.