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We hope to continue developing our game to make a publishable product. We have invested a lot of time into this foundation, and are curious how far we can expand it. You can join the process!

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Who are we?

We are a team of students working on our Games Design and Art Final Major Project at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Arts. We are ambitious and willing to take this project as far as we can!

Janice Chu

Art Lead (3D, VFX)

Being the source of our game idea, Janice’s 3D modelling and VFX skills make her a natural Art Lead.

Safwan Nosor

Technical Designer 

With a passion for coding, Safwan makes our design come into existence. Quick, efficient and indispensable.

Wolf Weiler

Project Manager/Designer

Aside from 3D modelling and marketing, Wolf manages the project by scoping design changes, testing and documenting.

Mubin Kazmi

Music Student

A first year music student who joined our group out of curiosity and ambition. No game is great without sound

Final Major Project

– Create an Experience –

Throughout each step of the development process, we want to ensure every step is aligned with our intended experience. Our design aims to allow the player to feel the thrill of discovering Serlon. Whilst navigating its rooftops, the player searches for the missing pieces to an escape craft, whilst eluding hostile patrol units. These conditions incentivise the player to be nimble, quick and tactical about manoeuvring the city in unconventional ways. Completing the demo should leave the player proud, satisfied and wanting more.

Appraoch to Development

Trello Board

Using our GDD we created Trello board as an initial way of scoping. It has acted as our original vision and point of reference for new design ideas.

Agile Method

Instead of the waterfall method with a weekly breakdown set in stone, our work consists of many, quick iterations, always building on the minimum viable product.

Team Meetings

To support the Agile method, we have multiple meetings a week, sometimes a day to make sure our tasks are aligned with the aim of the poject.


Social Media
Blog Posts

Team Development Blog

Each of us has our individual blog site with more detailed and specific of our progress. This however, is a team blog concerning itself with the milestones of our game development. Any major changes in scope, experience and design are explained and justified with reference to our project aim. 

01 June 2021 Added new UI to find parts easieranimation for electrocutionanimation […]
31 May 2021 Added new UI to see enemies on minimap and […]
25 May 2021 Changed revamped tutorial areaminimap changes